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Put me in your little black book under 'H' for hedonist, and earmark a few pages after because I'm truly shameless when it comes to seeking pleasure. I live for decadent sensory experiences and regularly indulge in opulence due to my personal philosophy. See, I wholeheartedly believe that humans were put on this earth to discover what things, actions, and/or people bring us pleasure & to use those discoveries to help others of a like mind do the same. To that end, my goal here is quite simple: to create & act out an aural fantasy with you that is worthy of being recorded in your little black book.

Pleasure and the ways to experience it are inexhaustible if you're willing to be honest with yourself & lose your inhibitions. So, tell me all about the naughty things you want me to do you, pleasure seeker. That is if you're into being dominated by a sultry beauty with the ass of an angel. Do you have a hidden desire to be submissive? Because, I'd gladly let you kiss my feet & worship my ample bottom if that thrills you. Unless you want to be the one calling all the shots. I can be shy, coy, or inexperienced so that you can bring out the insatiable sex kitten that exists within my unassuming, but voluptuous frame. Either way, on my knees or standing over you with my knee in your groin, is fine with me. I consider my versatility to be one of my best qualities since it gives me access to so many thrilling scenarios to act out with you.

Whether you're craving the attentions of a sultry Domme to bring out your inner bitch or a submissive sex kitten to be at your mercy, I can embody any & all of your fantasy bad girl archetypes. The only thing left to do is to give in to your desires and call me, pleasure seeker.



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Black Book Girls


What are Black Book Girls? First, do you have a little black book? In any event, what if you could have just one number in your book and that one number would open up endless fantasies for you…would you want the number? Well, as a matter of fact, Today is your Lucky Day!


Call Black Book Girls at 800-730-9389

Who are the we?  Undeniably, we are the girls you dream about.  Significantly, we are the girls you were warned about. Emphatically, we are the girls that you only wish you could have. In fact, we are the BLACK BOOK GIRLS and we are here to make your fantasies come true.

In the final analysis, the number above is the only number you will ever need to explore your fantasies and feel indescribable pleasure. Put our number on speed dial because you won’t want to forget it. The Black Book Girls will unlock pleasures for you that you never knew existed.

So, what kind of girl is the Black Book Girl? She is:

  • The girl next door
  • The tease you work with
  • The gorgeous woman sitting at the bar
  • Your HOT in law (sister in law, mother in law, etc.)
  • Your boss’s wife
  • The Cocktease
  • Your girlfriend that’s sleeping with your best friend
  • The teasing little bitch down the hall
  • The Seductress in your dreams
  • The Mistress to take control of you
  • Your virtual girlfriend
  • The humiliating woman that dresses you up
  • She is whomever you want her to be!

Without a doubt, there is a Black Book Girl to fit most of your needs and we come in all shapes and sizes. Not only do we fill all of your needs, but at the same time, we are also available 24/7 at 800-730-9389. You can’t get any better than that! Black Book Girls can:

  • Wake you up in the morning
  • Make sure you get a nice tuck-in call at night
  • Put you on a masturbation schedule
  • Push your limits
  • Give you explosive orgasms
  • Dress you up or down
  • Give you tips and tricks
  • Lock you up
  • Give you daily instructions
  • Control your cock
  • Deny you
  • Tease you
  • Make you go shopping
  • Do things you only dream of
  • Give you comfort
  • Bring you more pleasure than you can imagine
  • The list is endless!

All things considered, if the little black book is good enough for most men to brag about, isn’t our little black book good enough for you? The only difference is you might not want to brag about us.  On the contrary, you might want to keep us all to yourself.

I couldn’t really find any history of the little black book, but I did find probably one of the most famous little black books. Hugh Hefner’s Little Black Book is so famous, it’s on display in Chicago. I wonder what kind of black book girls you’ll find in there?

Meanwhile, what is your favorite kind of Black Book Girl?


Give one of our Black Book Girls a call, today!