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The legendary little black book has always looked different for submissive men. Once you find the BDSM and Fetish Lifestyle, there's no going back. We sought it out to begin with because we knew it's where we belonged. We play in the depths of vulnerability, exploring sweet torments of the flesh and psyche, an endorphin rush pulling you in deeper as the adrenaline coursing through My veins stokes My sadistic predilections.

Naturally, I've ended up in more than a few little black books over My years in the Lifestyle. This just happens to be the latest entry, and with a history as notoriously kinky as Mine, I'll be scratched into your little black book in no time as the FemDom fetish connoisseur you can't stop coming back to for more.

Every Mistress has Her proclivities, and I'm certainly no exception. I opted for the scenic route on the erotic paths I've traversed as both a FemDom and a voyeur, savoring so many treats along the way. What is your fetish? What is your fantasy? However will you dream of them entwining with the lavishly kinky vices that made Me a Black Book Girl in the first place?

I can only imagine the anecdotes written next to My name. I've been the merciless cocktease next door turning the guys who wanted to fuck Me into sluts for My strap-on cock. I mean, I did give them what they wanted.. My way. I've been the whip-wielding Mistress in shiny black latex making a pretty pink picture on a masochist's back, the nylon-clad Goddess to many adoring lovers of My legs and feet, and the sensual inspiration for feminized sissies and cross dressers who can only hope to emulate perfection. Of course, that's not even mentioning the submissive men who loved to have Me literally walk all over them- in stilettos, no less. Or the men who I've helped learn to embrace their cocksucking desires, mainly because I just fucking love to watch. I's so sweet when they finally give in.

The best part about all of this? In My own little black book, this only covers the first page. What twisted little notes will I be writing under your entry? I dare you to find out.



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What is a Black Book Girl?

You probably had, or have, a little black book where you keep the names and numbers of sexy women you have dated. Black Book Girls is similar to that. However, the book is online and we just keep adding more and more desirable women to your cyber little black book. What’s more, all of them are just a phone call away.

Our girls are fantasies come to life. They are beautiful, with voices that are an aural delight. But it goes far beyond that. The Goddesses on this site are the crème de la crème of phone sex. Intelligent, educated, sophisticated, charming, excellent conversationalists, and…oh yes…exceptionally well versed in fetishes.

In other words, you get the woman you would love to date, mixed with the woman who knows how to dive into your kinky fantasies and revel in them with you.

What are you Looking for in a Black Book Girl?

Do not be shy about telling your Black Book Girl what you enjoy. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can simply chat with her for a bit first. That makes it more like a date anyway. Be honest, and she will be able to give you precisely what you want.

You like sensual fun? We have plenty of sensual ladies who know how to get kinky and keep it very sexy. You prefer a strict approach? We have that too; as strict as you wish. Most enjoy a mix of the two. Admittedly, there is a special pleasure in being directed to do the nasty things that make your heart race with excitement, while keeping things very erotic.

Here, you can enjoy exciting conversation, titillating topics, and hot sex. If you have a desire to explore fetishes, we are experts at that. We love guided masturbation, edging, cum eating, cuckolding, body worship, panty boys, humiliation, chastity, denial, ruined orgasms, and milkings.

No Matter Your Fantasy, We Have a Black Book Girl for You

You probably have some darker fantasies that you just cannot get out of your head.  Consequently, one of the best ways to handle that is to explore them with a Black Book Girl. To put it another way, those thoughts are there for a reason. Therefore, know that if you have secret desires to try pain play, CBT, spanking, coerced bi, anal play, and slave and submissive training.

If you want to be feminized, we love to help you become your girly best. Whether you simply want to wear lingerie while you are having sexy fun with us, or want us to completely feminize you and have an adventure together, we can do it all!

We love manly men, bi curious, cross dressers, sissies, and women. If you have never tried phone sex with the lady in your life, you found the best place to plunge into that amazing experience. We love to make your sex life even hotter!

By all means, keep your little black book around. Without a doubt, it will come in very handy. By the same token, when it comes to erotic phone entertainment, this is the only black book you will ever need.

We have scoured the continent to find the best of the best in phone sex. Click on each image above to discover all that this online little black book has to offer you.

Give one of our Black Book Girls a call, today!