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The snow fell silently out in the brightly lit city street. The lights from the many holiday decorations forced back the darkness. He stood at the window of the opulent hotel room, staring out into the night, watching the street closely. Slowly, he set the now empty highball glass, with its melting ice, on the window ledge and ran a hand through his tousled light brown hair. It was getting late and though she’d never stood him up, never not come when he called, he always worried, just a bit, that this would be the night. He sighed. Sometimes he considered hiring a call girl, but he was partial to his black book girl.

Think of all the many women who would have been there before he could hang up the phone.  Young and old alike want him. There are even a few still outside the hotel, standing in the steady fall of white flakes, looking up, hoping for a glimpse.  Trying to figure out which room he was in, what alias he used this time. They offer themselves freely. Happy just for some time in his presence, even if only a few moments. They would have even settled for phone sex, but he didn’t want that either.


He Wants Her… and Her Alone

But they aren’t what he wants. He wants her. The curse of a man who could have anyone is to want the one woman whom he knew he could never have completely.

He had tried again and again. Offered to pay for an apartment and car and give her anything she’d like, just to be there when he needed her… wanted her. But she refused. Using lines from movies, she told him that she wasn’t about to be his “beck and call girl.” Even though it was a lovely offer, she enjoyed her freedom to live her life as she wished. She told him several times that she wasn’t some kind of submissive slave he could order about. In addition, she warned him, again, about having someone follow her or about trying to find out more about her with a private investigator.

To clarify, if she ever even suspected this was happening, she would be gone.  While he might find out something about her, it wouldn’t be everything and she would never speak to him again. It sounded harsh, but her eyes were soft when she said it.  To be sure, she made it clear that was not something she wanted to do, but she had to protect herself and her privacy. In the end, she would not tolerate him breaking the trust they had established. Normally, he was the one worried about being exposed. But in their relationship, he knew she would never do that.  Her discretion was one of the things that drew him to her in the first place. 

Sometimes he thought about her possibly becoming his lover, but she was always such a Feminine Dominant, he knew that would never happen.


A Friend With A Black Book

A recommendation from a friend of a friend, who knew someone she knew, had led to their first meeting. He smiled, remembering the first time he had seen her. Turning his back to the window, he gave up on catching sight of her arrival for the time being. Instead, he looked around the exclusive suite he reserved when he was here in the city.

They had arranged to meet privately, not her favorite idea, but because his face was impossible to miss and she didn’t relish having hers splashed across the newspapers and entertainment magazines, she had agreed. As a result, she sent a friend first to make sure she was dealing with whom she was told she would be meeting and not one of his people. He laughed when he opened the door to a small Asian woman who quickly turned and motioned to the shadows in the hallway behind her.


That First Look

His breath caught in his chest at the site of her. Not because she was so exceptional looking, even though she was gorgeous. Inasmuch as he’d seen many models and beautiful women, they normally didn’t affect him. There was something else about her. In comparison, she approached him with a playful glint in her eyes that he hadn’t expected. They told him about the long blond hair and sultry curves. But when she stepped past him into the room, green eyes meeting his, she smiled and gave him a wink. They didn’t prepare him for that.

That was when he knew he wanted her. At this instant, he knew there was something about her. The way she stood in the long black coat, wrapped tightly at the waist. I could feel myself aching to do foot worship on those stiletto boots of hers.  belying any indication of what she might be wearing underneath. He remembered waiting, wanting her and yet feeling as though she were already in control, and not just of the situation but Femdom cock control of his cock as well. She seemed amused and looked him up and down openly before leaning back against the door and motioning to him to come to her.


 She Owned Him

Their lips met and he was lost.  Her hands made him harder than he’d ever been, losing the control he normally held so tightly. He wanted her.  And he could feel she wanted him, too, as she wrapped her legs around him, letting the coat ride up and revealing nothing underneath at all, not even the cliché panties and bra. That was even more exciting somehow.  At this point, he hadn’t even gotten a good look at her body, he was inside her so quickly. Undeniably, he needed her more than he ever remembered wanting or needing anyone.

The memory excited him again. He recalled the many times after that and how each one was new and amazing. When finally there was a soft knock on the door, it made him jump. It couldn’t be her, she hadn’t knocked in ages. He walked over, opened it, and smiled widely at the blonde in the coat and shiny thigh-high boots standing there with the wry grin. Taking her hand he pulled her inside and kissed her, getting harder as she whispered that it seemed like a good night to meet all over again. He silently thanked the friend of the friend with the black book who had brought her to him.

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