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The Many Forms of Erotic Humiliation

Humiliation and erotic sensual humiliation is another type of popular phone sex call. As any good Mistress will tell you, humiliation is one of our favorite kinds of fetishes. This is because it allows us to act on our natural place in the order of things which is superior to men. In my opinion, humiliation is the best way to show dominance over a sub. It shows without a doubt that is in charge when a Mistress causes a sub to feel some type of humiliation.

Cuckold humiliation is when a woman takes a lover outside of her marriage or relationship usually with her partner’s knowledge if not permission. Sometimes the relationship is kept quiet even though it is a known thing and then sometimes the women enjoys her lover’s affections right under husband’s nose (quite literally!) Phone Mistresses get calls from men who are actually in cuckolding situations and want to talk about it or the calls come from men who have fantasies they want to discuss. Some men want advice on how to approach their wife or significant other with the idea of a starting a cuckolding relationship.

I Love to Laugh at Small Penises and Sissies

Small penis humiliation is another type of erotic humiliation that phone sex Mistresses have a lot of experience with. Listen guys, size does matter and if you have a small cock you’d better get used to the idea that it is going to be ridiculed by most women. I’ve seen many tiny cocks and I can’t help myself---I laugh every time I see one, even if it isn’t appropriate for me to do at the moment. I had a boyfriend once whose cock was so small that I insisted that he let me show my girlfriends because they didn’t believe me when I told them he was tiny. Needless to say this is one of my favorite fetishes to discuss on phone sex sessions because I get to laugh my ass off.

Sissy humiliation involves coaching a girly man to put on all her pretty girly clothes and sashay around the living room for the entertainment of you and your girlfriends. Sissy humiliation phone sex sessions can consist of talking about such scenarios as well as fantasies about coached cock sucking and the encouragement of other such girly behavior.

Whips and Chains and other Things

Another great fetish is femdom humiliation. A good example of this type of humiliation is the pictures you see of the women leading a man in a dog collar with a leash and a mask covering his face. When I do this to my subs I like to see them begin on their knees before me, looking at the ground as I put the leash and hood on them. I also carry a whip for intimidation but have rarely had to use it on a sub. Phone sex sessions that include this kind of fetish usually have the Mistress and the caller role playing in a fantasy. The fantasy is either written by the caller or thought up by the Mistress. The men that enjoy this kind of fetish also enjoy their femdom taking them with a strapon.

Last but not least by any means is feminization humiliation. These kinds of phone sex calls are all about coaching a man who really doesn’t seem to want to dress up in panties to see the error of his ways and put on the silky things. The phone sex Mistresses also coach the guy to want to do other things like put on heels and make up. We also role play the made up girly men getting caught by our girlfriends as they try to leave our house. The fantasy continues as our friends laugh and point at the man all dressed up in girly clothes while desperately embarrassed by his situation.

The Mistresses here at LDW are all experts at all of these kinds of humiliation fetishes as well as many other types of fetishes. Look around our websites and do some research to find the Mistress that’s right for you. They have written bios and pictures to see and most of them have free audio sample so you can hear the voice of the Mistress before you call her. Once you find that perfect Domme, email her and tell her your fantasy. You can also call whoever is currently available if you would rather have a call on the spur of the moment. Either way, you’ll have a one of a kind experience.

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