Portrait of a Young, but Experienced,
Black Book Girl



The Black Book Girl is that ONE woman that turns you inside out. The one that will turn you on from the moment she says “Hello!”

Being a Black Book Girl, from the time I had turned 18, has given me so many hot experiences. To this day, I go crazy at the thought of them. Believe me, I have done it all. From having much older men spoiling me, to men who would do anything for a young thing like me to pay attention to them. Men just hoping to get a taste of my sweet honey pot. I have to say, it is quite a turn-on to have older men do anything for me. I do remember a few times having too much fun with my next door neighbor, while his wife was at our backyard barbecue.


This Cuban-American Black Book Girl Gets What She Wants

I used to leave my bedroom door open for one of the African or Australian exchange students we would have at home. It was great fun to show them all about the power of a woman taking cock control over their bodies. It was my pleasure to show them what a Cuban-American girl in the US was all about.

I have even had more than my fair share of sissy slaves who have gone from being closet sissies to being the true feminine sissies they have always wanted to be. I have taught so many men how to be more like me- like a true girly girl. It takes more than just sexy clothes and make up. Although that does help, it’s not all you need. In order to be a true sissy slut you have to think like one, you have to act like one, and accept that you are a girl that is trapped inside of a boy’s body.

Like I have said, over and over again, I have done it all and one of my favorite things to do is to cuckold a man. I just love having them go crazy when they see me with a big, well-hung black cock! What is hotter than that? NOTHING! I am sure that you are no different than me. You will love that black cock as soon as I get my sweet little voice in your ear, telling you it is okay to want it.  Of course it does not matter that you are a married man with a hot wife that you want to see get satisfied by a black man!


This Girl has Done it All!

I have done it all. From the young cock tease next-door, driving my middle-aged, sex-starved neighbor absolutely insane when his wife was too busy baking cookies. And on to being that wild sex-machine college girl for all those poor nerdy exchange-students we welcomed into our home. I can be whomever you want me to be.  I will be your girlfriend, or maybe your wife’s best friend who drives you crazy with her sexy, revealing clothes. Or I can be your secretary, who is desperate to keep her job.

Maybe you have a different kind of dilemma. Maybe you need small penis humiliation to get off or you’re not good enough for any woman. If so, I can be that Mistress that tells you how it is. I won’t sugarcoat how inadequate you really are and will not hesitate to humiliate you in front of my sexy young friends. I can make you do all sorts of things that you never even dreamt of doing before meeting me. If you are lucky, maybe you can become one of my personal, cock-sucking, cuckold sluts.

So, what are you waiting for? Open up your little black book- it’s time you add me to it!


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