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Sensual Domination

Welcome to the Black Book Phone Sex website. Please feel free to browse our website if you are looking for any kind of phone sex. We offer phone sex of all kinds: fetish phone sex, cuckold phone sex, roleplay phone sex, domination phone sex, and many many more categories of fantasies and fetish. Clients have also found our service while seeking fem phone sex, pantyboys phone sex, guided masturbation phone sex, and cuckold phone sex.

If you're not quite sure what kind of phone sex you're looking for, here's a phone sex glossary that you can refer to, to help you decide:

Tease and Denial Phone Sex:

These types of phone sex sessions, which are also referred to as "orgasm denial" or "tease and denial" or "cock control" sessions, usually involve a masturbatrix, otherwise known as a Masturbation Mistress, someone who guides your stroking, controls the pace of your masturbation, and teases you to the edge of orgasm over and over, someone who is skilled at the art of teasing hard cocks. Sometimes you get to have an orgasm during a teasing and denial phone sex session, and sometimes you are not allowed to cum. If you definitely want to be allowed to have an orgasm at the end of your jerkoff tease and denial phone sex session, then let your Masturbatrix know this at the start of your call. coerced orgasm and coerced masturbation can also be incorporated into a tease and denial phone sex session. A skilled Masturbatrix will also be able to guide you through a prostate milking ("milking") session if you're curious about how that works.

Cuckold Phone Sex and cuckold humiliation phone sex:

Sometimes a cuckold fantasy involves a bit of humiliation, and other times its more focused on the pleasure of the Cuckoldress. Often times, those who are interested in cuckold phone sex fantasies are also responsive to small penis humiliation, however not all cuckolds want the cuckold fantasy to focus on their penis size. This fantasy can also be referred to as "cockold" or "cuckhold", and the fantasy can also be referred to as a "hot wife" fantasy.

Transexual Phone Sex:

A transexual partner is often an intriguing fantasy for the heterosexual male. Curious about bisexual fantasies and experimentation, a man often seeks out a transexual for a phone sex partner; many transexuals are very attractive and sexy individuals, and they offer the best of both worlds!

Feminization Phone Sex and coerced Feminization Phone Sex:

Many men who enjoy crossdressing, enjoy the experience of chatting with a phone sex operator while they dress. And some who are curious about crossdressing but have never dressed up before, like to chat about it during a phone sex call, while they are working up the courage to actually try crossdressing in person. Sissies, Crossdressers, cuckold sissies, sissy French Maids and sissy sluts are types of callers who seek feminization phone sex, and feminization assignments are popular among these types of callers. Some feminization callers are looking for guidance for painting their nails or toenails, giving themselves a sissy pedicure or applying lipstick or other cosmetics. If you are just learning how to make yourself as pretty as us, we can help you with that and give you some make up tips!

coerced Bi Phone Sex

You may or may not be surprised to learn that coerced bi phone sex is one of the most popular types of phone sex calls we get here at Black Book Girls. Many men are curious about bisexuality, and find that phone sex is the perfect outlet for exploring their bi curious fantasies.

Hardcore Phone Sex and Toll Free Phone Sex

Perhaps you're just looking for a good old fashioned phone fuck. Black Book Girls can give it to you! We'd recommend phone sex with Trish or Scarlett if you are looking for hard core phone sex.

MILF Phone Sex or Mature Phone Sex

If you're looking for an older woman with experience, or a MILF (mother I'd like to *uck), visit our MILF phone sex page. MILF phone sex fantasies can range from sensual and imaginative to super hard core, so when you call for MILF phone sex be really specific about what you're looking for.

BDSM, Domination and Femdom Phone Sex:

Submissive men who like to be dominated by sexually powerful Dominatrix women frequently call us for femdom phone sex. We specialize in this type of female superiority phone sex, so if you are seeking a Dominant Woman or Domme for a phone domination session, this is the pefect place for you. Submissive husbands often want to discuss a femdom fantasy involving a Dominant wife—we can roleplay this scene with you. Some types of popular femdom—domination fantasies include: financial domination, verbal domination, spanking domination and femdom bondage.

Chastity Training Phone Sex:

The Chastity Mistress, Mistress Cassandra is our resident specialist for chastity training phone sex sessions. These types of sessions usually go for a long period of time, with regular check-ins to make sure that the chastity slave is compliant with his Chastity Mistress's rules and instructions, and has been wearing his chastity belt, if instructed to do so. A Phone Chastity Mistress may also offer keyholding services for a fee, and will be your keyholder during your chastity training.

Roleplay Phone Sex

You’ve heard of sexual role playing, maybe even seen movies about it or read a story, but you aren’t really sure what it is, still you’d like to try it. Maybe you have a fantasy that plays over and over in your head like a movie, and it loops in certain sections. You know that I’m talking about, you keep reliving certain scenes, especially all those parts that turn you on the most. This is the beginning of a sexual role play, the fantasy and the idea are the way to start, the first step so to speak. Continue reading about Roleplay Phonesex.

Do you have a smoking fetish?

You see a woman across the way who lights up a cigarette, and puckers her lips, wrapping it around the end of it and her lipstick imprint is left on the butt of it. She lifts it out of her mouth, and she blows out a swirl of smoke and it is the sexiest thing you've seen—sexier than that pornography video you watched last night. You definitely have a smoking fetish. Read more about the smoking fetish.

Ebony Phone Sex

Ms Tovah and Ms Alana are our resident specialists for those seeking ebony phone sex fantasies.

Strap On Fantasy Phone Sex

There are many men who fantasize about being in an erotic scene with a woman who is wearing a strap-on. This does not make you "gay!" This makes you open minded, and normal. Strap-on fantasies are very common, and most men that we've spoken to admit to at least fantasizing about a strap on scene at least once.

Phone Sex Recordings

If you're not ready to make a phone sex call, or if you lack the privacy to do so, you might enjoy listening to our Phone Sex Recordings. We also offer erotic sex audios that we will record just for you. You can either provide us with a script for your custom sex audio recording, or we will write one for you based on the guidelines you provide for us.

Body Worship, Leg Worship, Foor Worship and Ass Worship Phone Sex

This type of phone sex call often involes femdom or Domination, but it doesn't have to involve any sort of BDSM. Some men just have a fetish for legs, feet, asses or female bodies, and we can create an erotic phone sex session around these fetishes if that's what you're looking for. Maybye you have a fetish for girls in boots, panties, stilettos or spiked heels, fishnet stockings or lingerie—these can fit nicely with a body worship phone sex call too.

CFNM Fetish Roleplay

What is it about CFNM role play? Clothed female and nude male situations are erotic for both parties, and it gives the female the power to control the male who is in an obvious state of submission and possible humiliation at the power and control of the woman. Read more about CFNM Fetish Phone Sex.

Humiliation Phone Sex Sessions

Humiliation and erotic sensual humiliation is another type of popular phone sex call. As any good Mistress will tell you, humiliation is one of our favorite kinds of fetishes. This is because it allows us to act on our natural place in the order of things which is superior to men. In my opinion, humiliation is the best way to show dominance over a sub. It shows without a doubt that is in charge when a Mistress causes a sub to feel some type of humiliation. Read more about Erotic Humiliation.

Femdom Women Wrestling Fetish Fantasy Phone Sex

Our very own Ms Ashley is a former semi-pro female wrestler. If you have a wrestling fetish fantasy and want to explore it with someone who can truly whip your ass, call Ashley.

Presently, there are approximately thirty phone sex fantasy artists affiliated with the Black Book Girls phone sex site. As our clientele grows, the number of phone sex artists will grow. We aim to provide an unlimited selection of fantasy artist for our visitors. We want to be THE premiere phone sex fantasy service on the Internet, and with your help and patronage we will be able to accomplish this goal.


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