Mistress Knows All My Secrets


Hi there. My name’s Jay and I’ve got a secret. Well, lots of secrets, really. But there’s one big secret that nobody knows about. I am a submissive man who calls a FemDom Phone Sex Mistress every week.


You see, if you knew me, you’d never believe I’d be a submissive man. I am the proverbial alpha male, type A personality, fast-track executive. I drive nice cars, live in an expensive flat, and have women beating down my door to try to get a spot on my date calendar. I do enjoy living this lifestyle, but I also have a need to show my submissive side from time to time.


It Was Like She Already Knew Me!


At first, I didn’t realize that I was submissive, just that I was drawn to dominant, sexy, powerful women. I was always bringing them coffee, rubbing their shoulders, offering to carry their briefcases, and all sorts of things like that, but I thought I was just being nice. It wasn’t until after I started talking with my FemDom Mistress that I realized these were hallmark signs of submissiveness. Additionally, I’d always loved it when women talked down to me or laughed at me. I never was quite sure what to make of that little tidbit; mostly I just thought I was weird. I mean what man in their right mind would *want* a bitchy woman to talk down to him and laugh at him? Lucky for me, Mistress knew exactly why I enjoyed it. She also seemed to know what else I would enjoy. In fact, she seemed to know me better than I even knew myself! It was clear that Mistress knows my secrets before even I have any idea! And that was both scary and exciting at the same time!


Erotic Humiliation


Mistress explained that the reason I get so turned on when women laugh at me is because I find mild humiliation to be erotic. She said that the pleasure center in the brain and the pain center where emotional pain is processed are adjacent to each other in the brain. She told me that it is quite common for the “wires to cross” and cause something that would normally be painful to hurt so good. That doesn’t mean I like women to hurl insults at me whenever they feel like it, but it does mean that in the right context, a woman’s laughter makes my dick rock hard.


Eating My Cum


Because I enjoy mild erotic humiliation, Mistress just knew I’d love eating my cum for her. I wasn’t real thrilled with the idea at first, but it was like once the seed was planted in my head, it was all I could think about! She talked to me about it for weeks, telling me that’s what I was going to do for her when the time was right. She trained me to stroke until I had lots of precum and to lick the precum off my fingers. She even had me doing stretching exercises so I could be flexible enough to get in “the position” when the moment of truth arrived. That was months ago. Now, I wouldn’t dare waste a drop. Wouldn’t even think of it!


Sucking Cock


Little did I know that the whole cum-eating experience was to prepare me to suck cock. I never once mentioned those secret fantasies to Mistress; somehow, she just knew! She told me I was born to suck cock, a real natural. Besides, since I can’t really please her with my cock–she calls it a dicklette– what better way to please her than by sucking a nice big cock for her? I’ve been practicing with a dildo that Mistress instructed me to purchase. In fact, by Mistress’ orders, after ejaculation, I smear my cum all over the dildo and suck it off. It’s so intense and exciting that it almost always gets me hard all over again!


Strap-on Penetration


I don’t know how she knew it, but she did! Mistress must have picked up on my strap-on fantasies because she was all too sure of herself when she said “If there is any fucking here, I will be the one doing the fucking, and you’re going to like it! Mistress had me purchase several dildos in graduated sizes and we are working our way through them. I can hardly wait!


Now you know my dirty little secrets too. The funny thing is, that I don’t even care at this point! I love that my Mistress knows my secrets and how to push my buttons and use them against me!


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