Myths about Sex: From Phone Sex Ladies Who Know Best!


Before you place your next phone sex call, you might want to consider reading these sex myths because, as you know, our phone sex girls are quite educated in the art of phone sex and sex! There are some common myths that have been floating around for some time, and it’s time us phone sex ladies educated you!


The experienced Black Book Girls know all about sex and sexuality, so if you’ve been caught believing in something that’s just not based in fact or reality, or even if you suspect you might have been caught in a misinformation loop, ask us! Don’t be shy about talking with any of the Ladies listed here, because there really is nothing sexier to us than someone interested in becoming better educated about sex and sexuality. These myths about sex are common and widespread, so there’s no shame in thinking they’re legit! But we do want you to be a well educated stroker, so keep reading for some sexual myth busting!


Common Myths About Sex


1) Masturbation causes blindness. In attempt to stop men from masturbating in the past, society stated jerking off could cause blindness. In a 2007 study, scientists stated this is impossible to lose vision from masturbating. There’s a related version of this masturbation myth, that masturbation will cause you to grow hair on your palms! Needless to say, jerking off will not cause random hair growth, either.


2) Men think about sex every few seconds. You have heard this, surely, all of your life – that men think about sex from every three seconds to every fifty-two seconds. How is it possible to get through your life thinking about sex every mere few seconds? If any men really do think of sex every few seconds, please, let the ladies of Black Book Girls know. You may be a sex addict, but that’s no reason to bury yourself in fear and shame. Even stroker sluts can take a break from chastity and enjoy a moment of release.


3) Ejaculation shortens a man’s life. Chinese medicine as well as the controversial book The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know claims that frequent orgasms ultimately shorten a man’s lifespan. In fact, other studies have proved that opposite – that orgasms are healthy for you and can decrease your risk for prostate cancer, and orgasm can increase your lifespan! Healthy and fun, now what other reason do you need to masturbate with us?


Do You Believe In Other Myths About Sex?


There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation about sex and sexuality out there! Some people think that if a man so much as touches his own ass that it means he’s gay (it doesn’t, it just means he knows how much pleasure he can get from his prostate.) Others place religious significance or restrictions on their masturbation and sexual pleasure. No matter what it is you think you know about sex, or what you believe about sexuality, there’s always room for you to learn more, and no one knows more about sex and sexual behavior than the Black Book Girls.


There is no question too silly, no concern that will earn you mockery if you ask about it, and nothing you can ask us about that will make us think less of you. Bring us your worries and questions, and then your fantasies and desires, and we’ll take the time to reassure you and then talk you through your scenario. Myths about sex and sexuality can stand between you and a fantastic experience, so we want to debunk those unruly myths and get you happily masturbating with not a single care in the world.


Now you know some of the myths and next time you are placing a phone sex call, be sure to know that you will not go blind or shorten your life – even if you do think about sex every few seconds! Just enjoy your phone sex call, guilt and worry free!


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