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Toll Free Number: 800-730-9389

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I've never been the overtly penultimate femme fatale type. This may come as a bit of a shock, reading this here of all places, but I have always been the archetypical good girl. The kind that's responsible, caring, kind, thoughtful and stable. However just like Jung's theory of the shadow self, a little bit of an alter ego incognito percolates just under the surface of my sweet unassuming eyes.

Let's create an erotic oasis of our own design. A paradise of escapism, a secret emergency hatch down the rabbit hole to wonderland, where we can let down our proverbial hair and enter the realm of fantasy that transcends reality and reason . . . a microcosm of pure emotion and sensuality. We may only be mere morals with precious finite moments on the planet, but I plan on cramming as many lifetimes into my existence as possible. As long as I have air in my lungs, a pulse in my heart and a mind of my own, I plan on exploring the universe within and without, and squelch down the static of society. I look forward to meeting you, so come on, let's go!

You have an all-time passport, an open invitation cordially beckoning you to an erotic auditory adventure that will leave you momentarily sated but inexplicably hungry for more all at the same time . . . . Come on, I dare ya!

Sexuality is like a hot jambalaya, you can always add spices in but you can't take them out, so I like to start slowly see what you like, simmer with ya, and proceed from there (I have plenty of flavor to savor once we get cooking). I'm a bit of an acquired taste in that I'm not an ostentatious kinda girl. In this day and age, I realize that's a bit of a quaint notion and a true rarity. However, instead of playing all my cards too soon, I refuse to be anticlimactic and because of this intense flirty play, I take you to the edge, and back again and again in a blaze of fire, twice as potent as you ever imagined. That's just my style. Betcha never guessed a studious bookworm could be so wild, huh? I don't do anything half-assed, so make of that what you will. ;)

For the discerning gentlemen out there, who appreciate timeless taste and sophistication . . . true elegance and allure need not be merely lurid. Experience the truly transcendental, the erotic peak of artistry.

Although I am a lady, I can play the tramp and I don't at all mind getting down and dirty. Think of me as the girl next door that's been around the block, and maybe even on the wrong side of the tracks a few times. I'm always flashy but never trashy and I get you there, while still keeping it creative and classy. I'm not a dime a dozen to be sure. ;)

Mystique thrives in the opaque shadows, and it's half about the exploration, with no need to rush when there's a plethora of experience to draw out. You deserve the best and nothing less, so that's exactly what you'll receive with me. Come away with me and make me trill and thrill that age old dirty little ditty on precipice of passionate possibility and past the edge of ecstasy. Find your true calling with yours truly . . . heehee.

Likes/Turn-Ons: Music with a sexy beat (in fact I bet I know as much about punk rock and classic rock as you do; perhaps even more and yes, that's a not-so-veiled challenge), high heels, role-playing games and costumes, laughter, stimulating banter, softball, Hot Toddy mixed drinks (rum served warm with cinnamon, clove and buttered sugar), lace, silk stockings, erotic escapism, curling up with a book in comfy sweaters or my man's just worn flannel, film noir, hot sauce, anything written by Erica Jong, being out in nature (especially the sea), mountain climbing, painting, sky-diving, edge play, dress up, five o'clock shadows, sharing secrets, (I promise not to tell if you won't . . . .).

Having fun is only a phone call away. We can share our own private flight of fancy without having to go anywhere at all. If I am momentarily unavailable (e.g. at school, cramming for a mid-term etc.) be sure to text me or let me know when we can schedule in some extracurricular fun of our own and I will get back to you ASAP. We'll ponder your eclectic, private proclivities, dabble in the dark side together, dance with our shadow selves, and explore the wild primeval urges inside us.

Some of my fave areas and ideas to explore if you are looking for added inspiration:

*Goddess Worship

*Consensual Ravishment Play (yours or mine)

*Aural energy work

*Tantric trance

*Guided sensual meditations

*Foot fetishes

*Bondage KH

*Role-playing --Think of me as your vessel waiting to be filled by your fantasies. I love to really get in character. Guest stars can be included in our foray too!

*Chakra healing & aligning, deep breathing and relaxation

*Erotic auditory artistry and entertainment

*Playing with my "toys"

*I'm well versed in the Kama Sutra

*Boy Dolls that I can transform into my play things and dress up as I see fit

*Being a harsh mistress or a sweet submissive depending on what mood I'm in and what you require. (which do you want to be predator or prey?

I love the whole rainbow range of sexes: natural born male, trans, shemale, everything and anything in between, of all different ages (as long as your real age is 18+), shapes, sizes, races and faces. Women are welcome as well, of course!

Looking forward to hearing your voice. Now don't be shy, come say, "hi!" Give me a try . . . I'm ready and willing.