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What is a Smoking Fetish?

I have a smoking fetish. This means that one of the most sexually arousing things I can think of is to watch a woman smoking cigarettes. I really love to watch old movies where the beautiful actress smokes her cigarette from a long filter while wearing those silky opera gloves. Bette Davis is one of my favorites because not only does she seem to smoke with a sort of a classy cool, but you can tell by her gravel voice that is has smoked for a long time even though she’s young in the movies. Smoking is my favorite sexual fantasy. I want to tell you how I discovered that I had this great fetish.

I’ve always loved the smell of cigarette smoke. I know, different, right? While all these people are fighting for the right not to have to be around second hand smoke, I’m dying to get nearer to it! When I got to college, I would go to the local bar and just sit and watch the girls smoke their cigarettes. There were some of them that were at the bar regularly and they saw that I would always just sit and quietly watch them and say nothing. Finally some of them started striking up conversations with me and found out what I was there for. We got to be friends of sorts and they started smoking their cigarettes for my benefit. I would buy them drinks if they would French inhale for me. They would ask me to dance but I would always have to refuse their requests because my cock was always too hard for me to even think about getting up and dancing! Sometimes one of the girls would let me light her cigarette for her and it was almost orgasmic for me to do it.

Finding a Kindred Soul

I did some research on the internet and found out that there were many other men who were smoking fetishists just like me. Some say the smoking fetish roots from childhood, and that the smoker is viewed as someone who is confident and sexy, and sometimes the smoker is viewed as someone in power. I think I agree with this because smokers seem extremely powerful and sexy to me. I collected pictures of women smoking and soon had a large file full of them. One of the guys that posted in a chat room I often visited told me about LDW and its phone Mistresses. He said that the Mistresses would love to talk to me about my fetish and would love to smoke heavily in my ear.

The Best of Both Worlds

So I call a Mistress on a regular basis and also have a acquaintance that is a Domme that lets me be her ashtray. This is the humiliation part of the smoking fetish. She just knocks on my door every other Saturday morning and comes into my living room without a word. She sits on my sofa and props her feet on my coffee table. I sit down beside her and light her cigarette, cupping my hand so that when she flicks the end of it then the hot ashes land in my palm. My head is bowed the whole time like a good sub. My cock is also very hard too! Did I mention that she also blows her smoke in my face? She’s great!

My phone Mistress tells me about her long cigarette filter. I found this beautiful and sexy pair of long, black opera gloves that I sent to her for her birthday. She thanked me and said that she loved them. She tells me about her adventures as a smoking fetish Mistress. She tells me about the time that she did a strip tease using the opera gloves and a long, black dress with a slit up the side. She said she looked like Jessica Rabbit with blond hair and a filtered cigarette in her mouth. She does a role play with me being the guy that she ends the routine with. She takes off her dress slowly and then comes over to me in the audience. Then, as she stands in her red bra and panties, she flicks the long trail of ash into my lap. Sometimes she does the fantasy that I wrote for her where she’s a strange woman in a bar that asks me to light her cigarette and as I do so she grabs my cock and makes me have sex with her right there on the bar with all the people watching us.

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