A Lesson Learned


I arrived at the hotel flushed and angry. This submissive would so learn his lesson and pay for calling me in the middle of the night with no notice. Who did he think he was? An alpha-male? A millionaire? Well, that he was, but still… he didn’t have the right to order me around.

I, myself, am wealthy, just not as wealthy as my rude acquaintance. I work at a high- powered firm for a living, so I feel that I deserve my sports car and my mansion on the hill. It is of no consequence that I’m also a party girl. I love a good time just as much as anyone else, but I am no one’s “beck and call girl.”



Mixing Pleasure with Domination

So why did I come when he called? Easy. He needs to be taught a how to be a submissive lesson and I’m just the girl to teach him.

Domination comes easy to me. I’m five foot 11 inches tall in my bare feet. I’m thin with long black hair and grey eyes. Tonight, I have chosen to wear three inch heels, making me tower over the man upstairs in room 365. I am an imposing figure in my tiny black dress and black tights. I intend to give him a one night stand he won’t soon forget.

Actually, I met Mr. Rude a few years ago at a business conference we were attending. He and I do the same thing for a living so we have lots in common. We hit it off at the conference and had dinner at the conference hotel. Yes, we hooked up later that night in his room. Afterward, he asked if he could put me in his little black book. I had just had great sex with him, so what was I going to say? I told him sure!

Honestly, I really never expected to see him again. Yet here he was years later calling me in the middle of the night. Thinking hard, I still barely remembered his name, but… I remembered his cock, which is why I was willing to lie because my husband is a loser. I even left the house at an atrocious hour to be with him. His cock was huge, which was such a waste on such another weak-minded man who is a total sexual failure. At least that was the impression I got from the evening I spent with him years ago.


It was going to be a good night…after he learned his lesson.

He met me at the door of his hotel room, already hot and bothered and more than a little drunk. I smiled sweetly at him, walked into the room and shut the door.

As I grabbed him by the lapels, I kissed him hard on the mouth and said, “Hey there stranger, looking for some company?”

He nodded silently. I stopped him as he tried to unzip my dress.

“Please,” I said, pushing him away, “A little small talk first. What are you doing in town?”

His slurred answer was a job interview at my firm. That statement made me stop short for a moment as my mind connected the dots. Holy. Shit.

This was going to be more fun than I thought. As I slowly undressed him I asked him simple questions. How did he feel about the interview? Did he really want the job? I told him that I had gotten a promotion since I’d seen him last. He congratulated me breathlessly as I stroked his cock.

I pushed his naked body down onto the king-sized bed in the middle of the room. I pulled my dress up a little so I could straddle him, his balls in my hand. He told me in a whisper that he very much wanted the job and that he was looking forward to moving and starting fresh in a new city. I then told him, as I did a bit of CBT on his balls, that I was going to lead his job interview in the morning. As shock and horror dawned all over his face, I nodded slowly and told him his new job actually hinged on whether or not he did exactly what I wanted tonight.


That’s How I Like It

Needless to say, Mr. Rude was a very good and asked if he was a good submissive slave. I told him he was because he listened and let me do whatever I wanted without complaint. Was he learning his submissive lesson?

I got to feel the pleasure of his tongue and his cock that night… several times.

At daybreak, I rolled over, patted the pale gent on the ass and told him that he had passed my audition. The job was his if he didn’t screw up the interview so badly I couldn’t hire him. Then I rose to dress and leave.

As I was opening the door, I turned to him and said, “Be careful the next time you open that little black book, baby.” Walking out, I knew he had learned his submissive lesson.

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