The Surprise



Look at me. I’m a hesitant submissive engaged in BDSM bondage, but instead of rope, it’s my necktie that holds me still. I bet you’re also wondering how come I am here, naked, on this bed, unable to move. As a matter of fact, I’m kind of wondering the same thing myself. I guess this will teach me to use contacts in another guy’s little black book. Little did I know, I was going to get a black book surprise.

She was just supposed to be a typical party girl. The girl who stood at my hotel room door an hour ago is no typical party girl. It all started at the company Christmas party last month. I was talking to my best friend and coworker about a business trip I would be taking in the next few weeks to San Francisco.

That Sweet Black Book

My best friend literally has a little black book full of the names of women all over the United States who will drop everything at a moment’s notice and come and party at your hotel room. These girls aren’t professionals. No, they’re just chicks who know how to rock a man’s world while rocking a little black dress. So I hit him up for some names.

At first he looked horrified, because two years ago he had been the best man at my wedding. I assured him that the wife was cool with my discreet liaisons, just as I was okay with my wife screwing her boss. (She should just make me her cuckold and be done with it.) Again he looked horrified and we had to discuss her relationship with her boss. Eventually, I was able to get him to refocus on the “black book girl” I requested.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive… the Woman’s Name

Reluctantly, he took me back to his desk. He pulled open his desk drawer, pulled out the little black book, and thumbed quickly through the pages. After a moment’s thought, he stopped and pointed at a name and address. He told me that he had had a really good time with her a couple of months ago when he was at a conference in the Bay Area. He proceeded to describe said woman as a “gorgeous blond with big tits, long legs, and a really open mind.” She sounded like my kind of girl.

I must have written down the wrong name. While her name was in his little black book, she turned out to be quite the surprise.


Not What I Expected

Anyway, I arrived at the hotel in San Francisco, had some dinner and then called her. A very sexy voice answered. I gave her my brother’s middle name and said that my friend had given me her number, saying that she would be able to provide me with a good time. She laughed quietly and said, “Sure, baby!” and asked me for the name of my hotel.  I told her and she said that she would be at my door in an hour.

After hanging up with her, I took a shower and ordered champagne and few light snacks from room service. I turned on the television and looked through the menu of porn movies available. Then I decided that I would let my lady friend choose what she wanted to see.

Our Night Finally Began

She arrived right on time. My friend was right, she was a gorgeous blond. She came in wearing a red cocktail dress with sky high heels. Looking at those stilettos, my cock jumped. I have an intense foot fetish and was quite I was aroused.

As she took her coat off, I was too distracted by the fact that her boobs were falling out of her dress to see that she had smiled at me. She caught me staring at her boobs and told me to look at her when she was talking to me.

Startled by the tone of her voice, I glanced at her face. I had pissed her off. Thereupon, she told me to treat my Mistress with respect. She picked up my necktie that I had carelessly flung onto the bed as she advanced on me. Then she grabbed me and swung me around and tied my hands behind my back before I could even think twice. I had become her sexual captive. I was more than a little freaked out and sputtering with rage.


Black Book Surprise Was Better than I Hoped

As she threw me face first onto the bed, she asked me if my friend had explained the meaning of “Dominatrix.” Oh shit. I was in trouble. As a result, I broke into a sweat and began to apologize to her.

I heard her take something out of her purse. Handcuffs. She secured my hands again, this time to the bed posts, and then used my necktie as a gag. I felt a tugging at my sweat pants. I hadn’t bothered to put my boxers on underneath. The woman wagged her finger in my face and told me that I must have expected to get lucky if I didn’t put any underwear on. I was completely humiliated. Then she put my cock in her mouth.

I was so scared, but the feeling of her mouth made me instantly erect. It was such a strange feeling, to be getting off at the same time I was scared as fuck.

Oh God, it feels so good. I hope she has a key to these handcuffs and lets me go when she’s finished with me.


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