Which Mistress is Right for You?


You’ve been lurking around Cock Control and Enchantrix Empire for a while now and you’re thinking of making a call, but you aren’t exactly sure who will be the right Mistress for you. No worries, that’s what we’re here to help you with. There are a number of ways to help you determine which Mistress may be the best fit for you, starting with Live Help.


Live Help at HelpMyCock.com


Our Live Help Mistresses are available nearly around the clock to help you with any questions you may have, including Mistress recommendations. They can tell you which Mistress is best suited to your particular fantasy, which Mistresses are strict and which are sensual, and more. Whatever your particular fantasy or question, our Live Help Mistresses are experts at helping find the answers you are looking for. To visit Live Help, just go to ldwgroup.ladesk.com.


Additionally, you can go to MyPerfectMistress.com, fill out the pre-call questionnaire, and Ms. Ally or one of our Live Help Mistresses will get back with you within 24 hours (usually much less) with a Mistress recommendation for you.


Mistress Profiles


You can view each Mistress’ profile by clicking on her photo in the available Mistress list. Reading her profile will give you a good idea of her mindset and help you quickly deduce whether you want to find out more or whether she really isn’t the right fit for you. If you decide you want to find out more, click the “Hear My Voice” link on her profile and you’ll hear a short audio, usually around a minute, that will give you an idea of they style and sound of her voice.


Mistress Blogs


You can also click on the “Read My Blog” link from a Mistress’ profile. Reading her blog will give you a feel for her style and can help you determine whether or not she enjoys your particular fantasy, whether or not she’s strict or sensual, etc. She’ll likely have a page of audios for you to listen to, a page of photos for you to enjoy, a schedule of when you may be able to reach her, and much more.


Free Erotic Audio Recordings


In addition to the audio recordings a Mistress may have on her blog, we have a whole forum full of free erotic audios for your listening pleasure. Over at Teasemania.com and GetGirlie.com, there thousands of free audios recorded by the Mistresses of Cock Control and Sissy School. Ranging from PG-13 to practically X-rated, these audios are sure to get your erotic juices flowing while helping you select just the right Mistress. You do have to login to hear the more explicit audios, but membership is free and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.


If you aren’t already signed up for our free forums, head on over there now and join. Once you complete the registration process, visit our lovely Live Help Mistresses to expedite your account activation.


Adult Social Network


Enchantrix Empire, our very own adult social network, is one of the fastest growing adult social networks on the internet! At Enchantrix Empire, or EE, as we affectionalely call it, there are all sorts of things to keep you busy for hours on end! First, you can interact with all of the Enchantrix Mistresses- comment on their profile page, rate them, listen to their audios, read their blogs, check out and vote in their polls, join their exclusive groups, and more! You can also interact with other like-minded individuals and create your own profile, blogs, polls, etc. Additionally, EE members occasionally receive special promotional offers, just for being a member. If you’re not already an EE member, head on over there today to sign up. Registration is free and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.


Quality Promise and Satisfaction Guarantee


Ms. Ally, our Head Mistress, is very outspoken about the fact that she wants each and every call you make to be the best call you’ve ever had. In fact, she feels so strongly about this, that she has written a quality promise and offers a money-back guarantee if you are less than 100% satisfied with your experience.


Let’s say you’ve done your research and selected the Mistress you thought would be the best fit for but during the call you realized you may not have made the right choice after all. Instead of staying on a call you aren’t enjoying, politely request to go back to dispatch and inform them of the situation. Our dispatchers expert dispatchers will match you up with another Mistress they feel will be a good fit for you. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.


Ready to call? Dial 800.730.9389 to talk to the Black Book Girl of your choice!