Why Do You Need Guided Masturbation?

Why Do You Need Guided Masturbation?


I know that you are sitting there wondering why you would enjoy a guided masturbation call with a phone Mistress. The answer is simple: you won’t be alone. Sure, masturbation is fun under most circumstances, but let me assure you that stroking becomes an adventure when it’s guided. Masturbation with someone telling you what to do or giving you a fantasy is hotter in some ways than the regular stroking to get off.


You’re not alone-I once had a guy tell me that he loved calling me, a phone sex Mistress, because he liked the idea that he wasn’t masturbating alone. He said that it was like throwing a party with no other guests but you. He particularly liked guided masturbation because I told him how to handle his cock. I laughed at this comment and said that a Mistress is always the best person to tell a man how to handle a hard cock. He asked me why I said this. I explained that Mistresses, by nature, were always in control and always knew what was best for a man. A Mistress knows how to guide a man’s stroking so that it lasts and feels great. I’ve dated men that I’ve liked a lot, but wanted to break up with for whatever reason. It amused me when they agreed to the breakup of our relationships but asked me to keep on doing guided masturbation with them. Their requests made me realize that that all men enjoy being told by women how to handle their cocks regardless of the couple’s relationship status.


Guided Masturbation Assignments


Another reason guided masturbation with a phone Mistress is great is assignments. Assignments can be any kind of instructions or games that the Mistress gives a guy. They can be either be meant to be performed during the session or at some other Mistress appointed time. These assignments can consist of guided masturbation games, ideas for fantasies or possibly a schedule for stroking. I don’t know about other Mistresses, but I take the assignments I give very seriously. Most Mistresses that I talk to say that they take a lot of time to make the assignments interesting so don’t ask for them if you don’t intend to do them. It’s a waste of the Mistress’s valuable time and very disrespectful. I had a guy who begged and begged for me to give him an assignment, so I sat down and worked out a week’s worth of games and other fun things to do with his cock in his hand. When he called me later in the week, he told he nonchalantly that he had lost the list. I was furious and told him that I would never bother to help him with guided masturbation again.


Fantasies are Fun


Fantasies are much like assignments in the way that they are scenarios that the Mistress can share during a guided masturbation session or given out in some written form for later use. I have written fantasies for guys, and I’ve also just told them thinly disguised versions of my own adventures. For instance, I tell the story of guiding one of my exes right after we broke up. I wasn’t too happy with him at the time because he cheated on me with my best friend. But rather than tell him to go fuck himself, I agreed to still do guided masturbation with him. I didn’t realize how angry with him I was until I was doing a session with him and just refused outright to let him cum. I kept letting him go right to the edge and then making him stop. It was hilarious and great revenge for me.


Using a webcam is great for many reasons. Obviously, Mistresses loved their use because it gives us a hot and sexy visual of your cock. I love watching guys stroke their cock, whether it’s in person or on cam. Watching also gives us ways to help with guide masturbation. The Mistress can tell you to sit this way in the chair or lay that way on the bed. Men have also told me that it’s a turn on for them to stroke in front of a camera because they know that they’re being watched by a Mistress who loves every minute of the show.

These are some reasons why guided masturbation calls with a sexy phone Mistress are fun and very erotic. Don’t you want to call now?


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